Crash by Nicole Williams (review by Anushka D. ’15)

Crash (Crash, #1)Crash by Nicole Williams
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When Lucy meets the stunning Jude Ryder before her junior year, she can’t help the romantic notions that dance in her head. It only takes one conversation, however, for Lucy to realize that Jude is more of a bad boy than a prince. When Jude refuses to let her go, promising that he will change, Lucy soon finds that she is having trouble staying away. But can Jude really throw away his past completely? Crashis the epitome of a teen romance novel: shy girl, dazzling boy, and forbidden love. Williams’ novel slightly differs from the clichéd love tragedy due to Lucy’s snarky, independent, and hilarious narration, but the rest is predictable and laugh-out-loud sappy. The writing provides little description of both the scenery and the character’s emotions, leaving readers to fill in the blanks. All in all, Crash disappoints with its unoriginal plotline and lousy writing and leaves no promise for a better sequel. – Anushka D. ’15

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