Inamorata by Megan Chance (review by Linus L. ’18)

InamorataInamorata by Megan Chance
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One of many novels by Megan Chance, Inamorata depicts the incestuous love between Joseph Hannigan, a skilled artist, and his sister Sophie and their search for a better future. Told in 19th century Venice, the story gracefully flows through the tale of the siblings’ search for fame, unaware of the darkness that takes on the form of Odilé, a powerful succubus. Chance dexterously intertwines imagery and irony to fully capture the attention of the reader, constructing ethereal images of the Italian landscape. A powerful book with an interesting plot, Inamorata’s ending twist blows the expectations of the reader out of the water. I thoroughly enjoyed imagining the scenes of the novel with the aid of its skillfully woven language, and I slowly became further enraptured by the plotline. However, I was somewhat startled by the hinted incest in the beginning of the story. While the author does introduce it with grace, the concept does require a warning for readers who would be uncomfortable with such content. – Linus L. ’18

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