Once and for All by Sarah Dessen (review by Anya W. ’20)

Once and for AllOnce and for All by Sarah Dessen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After losing Ethan, Louna isn’t sure if she can ever fall in love again at all, and her summer job helping out at her romantically jaded mother’s wedding planning business isn’t doing anything to change that. Not even a friendship with Ambrose, the new hire and a natural playboy, or an intriguing bet will change that. But now, it is a matter of who will give up on the bet first: Ambrose, who has to find someone to go steady with for seven weeks, or Louna who has to go on two dates a week for the same amount of time. After all the winner’s prize (getting to choose who the loser goes out with next) is too good to turn down… And Sarah Dessen has rolled out another instant classic. Just like her other works, the novel is a cute romance with a few more serious undertones filled to the brim with lovable characters. While I would not have minded a bit of more rounding out of Ambrose and Jilly (the best friend) neither were by any means flat. – Anya W. ’20

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