Recreate Reading 2021: Find Your Perfect Book!

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

The countdown clock to register for ReCreate Reading 2021 has started, and here at the Book Blog, we couldn’t be more excited! Just to recap, ReCreate Reading is the Harker Upper School’s free choice summer reading program, and this year’s registration opens next Monday, March 8th, at the start of club period/office hours!

With nearly 70 books, a wide range of genres, and 7 author visits (check out slide 1), you have a huge list to choose from! Unsure how to pick your book? Don’t worry, we feel you. The struggle is real.

The good news is, you’ve come to the right place! Are you looking for a magical adventure? Or maybe some mind-expanding science fiction? Crave a good scare with a horror novel? How about some nonfiction—were you thinking of biology, psychology, or economics? To help you select the perfect book, use our handy category guide to all the books on offer! (Click the right-arrow to scroll through them all.)

As if that weren’t enough, book bloggers past and present have reviewed the following books for the Book Blog:

We hope that this helped you narrow it down! Don’t forget to sign up when registration opens, and have an awesome time reading!


Your Harker Book Blog Leadership Team.

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