Gone by Michael Grant (review by Catherine H. ’17)

Gone (Gone, #1)Gone by Michael Grant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When a dome-shaped force field surrounds Perdido Beach, California and every person over the age of fifteen disappears, the children begin to freak out. Sam Temple, the protagonist, is praised after pulling a young girl out of a flaming apartment. Strangely, the children begin discovering powers and mutations, thought to be the product of leftover radiation leak many years ago. Caine Soren from Coates Academy, a school for the delinquent children of wealthy families, uses his charisma to take charge. The two teenagers fight for power in what has been nicknamed the FAYZ, or Fallout Alley Youth Zone. In this thrilling book, a dystopian society emerges and the children must learn to survive until the age of fifteen when they vanish, poofing out of the FAYZ.. I found this book somewhat dark, yet very original and empowering. It is the first installment in the popular Gone series. – Catherine H. ‘17

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One thought on “Gone by Michael Grant (review by Catherine H. ’17)”

  1. I definitely agree that Gone has a thrilling plot, with cliff-hanger battles ending almost every chapter, but I did not find this novel to be particularly original. Laser vision, telekinesis, teleportation, super strength, elasticity, healing hands, super speed…These superpowers are all overused, and it seems lazy for the author not to have included more inventive ones. Other clichés pop up all over the novel, like the pair of twins separated at birth and the Hermione Granger-like genius. Gone is certainly an engaging read, but by no means is it unique.


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