Poseur by Rachel Maude (review by Cynthia H. ’16)

Poseur (Poseur, #1)Poseur by Rachel Maude
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When shy newcomer Janie Farrish applies to create her own Costume Design at the exclusive private high school Winston Prep, she’s grouped with haughty Francophile Charlotte Beverwil, snarky diva Melissa Moon, and perfect hippie princess Petra Greene. The four girls must start their own designer fashion label, but they each have a completely different idea of how to run their new company. The girls’ clashing visions and individual problems come to a head at their label-naming party. The diverse cast of main and supporting characters, droll humor, and pictures from Janie’s sketchbook make Poseur a light yet gripping read. – Cynthia H. ‘16

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