Tell Me Three Things (review by Hita T. ’23)

Tell Me Three ThingsTell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There are three things that Jessie Holmes is trying to come to terms with. One, her mother dies. Two, she moves in with her dad and his new fiancé (who he met online) to Los Angeles. And three, she keeps receiving messages from Somebody/Nobody (or “SN”), who claims to be her virtual guide in Wood Valley High School. Jessie can’t decide whether it is a hoax or if she can trust SN to help her.
Taking a leap of faith, Jessie begins to rely on SN. Over a series of emails, and later on, text messages, they become close allies. As time progresses, Jessie can’t help but want to figure out who SN really is in real life. She eventually narrows it down to three boys who could potentially be SN, but the real question she faces is, “Which one of them is SN?”

Buxbaum pulls the reader through the novel with flawless narration, quirky and witty characters, and smile-inducing moments. Well-paced, humorous, and engaging, Tell Me Three Things will pull readers who love YA novels and light mysteries.

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