Solitaire by Alice Oseman (review by Hita T. ’23)

SolitaireSolitaire by Alice Oseman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sixteen-year-old Tori Spring, a cynical and pessimistic teenager, only likes her brothers Charlie and Oliver, her best friend Becky, blogging, and sleeping. Her life, to her, is uninteresting and dull, and as she enters Year 12 at Harvey Greene Grammar School (more commonly known as Higgs), she expects nothing interesting to happen. However, everything changes when Solitaire struck.

Solitaire, an anonymous organization, starts to run pranks in Higgs and what begins as a few minor pranks leads to more large scale events. Tori’s life is suddenly turned upside as she and Michael Holden, an eccentric student who is new to Higgs, tries to find out who is behind Solitaire. However, the answer might be closer than she expects…

Told in the perspective of Tori Spring, Solitaire, a YA novel, captures the life of an English teenager living in today’s era. Solitaire required a second reading from me as it did not exactly engage me the first time, but when I read it the second time around, the plot twists and the mystery had me on tenterhooks until the very end. -Review by Hita T ’23

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