The Truths We Hold by Kamala Harris (review by Ritu B. ’24)

The Truths We Hold: An American JourneyThe Truths We Hold: An American Journey by Kamala Harris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself well-versed in politics; sure, I skim the newspaper headlines every weekend (or so) but the bulk of my opinions on politics stems from topical memes and, of course, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. If this sounds like you, and it’s getting harder to pretend you don’t live under a rock when conversation turns to the upcoming elections, then keep reading.
I picked up Kamala Harris’s autobiography hoping to understand the background of the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nominee, but my entire world view had shifted by the end. In The Truths We Hold, the arc of Harris’s life, from her humble upbringings to vast political victories, unites with a not-so-subtle Democratic agenda to create a highly captivating read. I greatly admired her approach of translating political triggers into real stories. She strives to highlight the voices of actual people, from victims of the subprime mortgage crisis to separated families at border entry points. Readers familiar with Michelle Obama’s Becoming will find Harris’s book more political and op-ed-like as opposed to a meticulous memoir, but nonetheless, just as inspiring and educational. Anyone interested in becoming interested in the elections will love The Truths We Hold.
—Review by Ritu B. ’24

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