The Speed of Light by Elizabeth Rosner (review by Camille P. ’14)

The Speed of LightThe Speed of Light by Elizabeth Rosner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Speed of Light is about Julian, his younger sister, Paula, and Paula’s housekeeper, Sola, whose current lives are dictated by their frightening pasts. The siblings’ father was persecuted during the Holocaust, marking their childhood with sorrow. Sola’s village in Mexico was brutally attacked by rebels of the government. Now, in present day, they are all brought together in Berkeley, California, and with the help of one another, they must somehow overcome their histories. Rosner’s alternating use of three different perspectives and beautiful imagery kept me turning pages. What deterred me were the slow pace of the plot and the predictability of the ending. I would recommend Speed of Light to a friend looking for a light, feel-good novel about the art of healing. – Camille P. ’14

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