Glass by Ellen Hopkins (review by Nikita R. ’16)

Glass (Crank, #2)Glass by Ellen Hopkins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Suddenly dealt with the responsibilities of motherhood, Kristina Snow must somehow raise a child while battling her addiction to “the monster,” known as crystal meth. Despite her love for her child, Kristina finds herself becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the monotony of her daily life in comparison to the excitement of her past. In Glass, the second sequel in the Crank series, Ellen Hopkins once again brings to life the story of a confused, desperate teenager who has become swept up in a world she is not ready for. Although the average reader has not necessarily shared Kristina’s experiences, any teenager or adult will understand her emotions and decisions. This book is a must-read, for teenagers especially. – Nikita R. ‘16

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