Heller’s Tale by David Pablo Cohn (review by Amelia H. ’19)

Heller's Tale: an Antarctic NovellaHeller’s Tale: an Antarctic Novella by David Pablo Cohn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Heller’s Tale is a novella that follows Andrew Heller, a welder working at the South Pole, as an intended adventure with his friends goes, well, south. The details of the setting are based off Cohn’s own experience working in Antarctica and give a fantastical feeling to the story, particularly for those of us who have never actually been to Antarctica. Multiple timelines are also used to great effect by interspersing events so that they continuously build up the plot, instead of by chronology. The novella format keeps the story from dragging, while still allowing for complexity. I would recommend Heller’s Tale to anyone looking for an immersive, setting-driven story. – Amelia H. ’19

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