Origin by Jessica Khoury (review by Anya W. ’20)

Origin (Corpus, #1)Origin by Jessica Khoury
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Pia is perfect. The result of five generations of careful breeding and genetic manipulation she is a girl with unbreakable skin, destined to be untouched by the hands of time. For now, however, she’s just a teenager, studying and working towards her lifelong dream of being part of the team of scientists and creating more immortals… starting with her very own Mr. Perfect. For now. However Pia is a teenager. And teenagers rebel. It is what they do. A few catalysts, a fated meeting in the woods, a visit or two from certain invested parties—and she is set on a whole new path, one that will expose the what is hidden in the light.

Origin by Jessica Khoury is a well written YA novel that pulls you into the story until the very end, even if most plot points can be predicted light-years away by an experienced reader. The romance is sweet, the protagonists’ motivations more complex than is typically found in YA novels, and everything wraps up in a finale as bittersweet as nestle chips. It is a good way to spend a lazy summer morning, especially for YA fans sick of love triangles and unintelligent, flighty female protagonists motivated only by the whims of whatever set of sensations and emotions they ascribe to love. Pia’s actions are driven by logic, reasoning that could realistically come from her life experiences, plain old curiosity and teenaged rebellion. For that, I truly wish I had the ability to give a 3.5 star review. However, once you put the book down or have to slog through a particularly wearisome passage, the spell is broken, and while the book is good, it is missing a little something.
– Anya W. ’20

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